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Amber Lynn

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89 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Hi amber i have been with 20 T- Girls and i always have been attracted to t-girls but only 3 were not escorts and a few have been dissapointments so i hope you can find me the girl of my dreams.I defintly want a hot discreet relationship. Thanks,John R.

  2. Amber,

    How do I get a photo of you to hang on my wall? I would appreciate it. You are so beautiful!


  3. I dont know if you are christian or not, but I was wanting your opinion on this delimma im going through, k well I am transgender mtf and I want to transition but I also watched Gods will for me! So I guess what im trying to ask is do you think its possible for Gods will for me to transition?

  4. Dear Amber Lynn,

    I just wanted to say thank you very much for your guide and for the advice on your site.

    I was with my Thai transsexual girlfriend for many years and we were engaged to be married. I even went back to University and completed a degree so that we could have a better life together, before I discovered that she had returned to the sex industry that I thought I had ‘rescued’ her from ten years earlier.

    I loved her with all my heart, and this was a very painful experience indeed.

    It was a little while ago now though, and I’m starting to pick up the pieces and consider the prospect of dating again. To be honest, I find myself somewhat lost, which is why your guide has been so welcome.

    I’ve only just started reading, but I can see that even after ten years with my ex, I still have a few things to learn.

    Anyway, hopefully I’ll email you again one day to tell you all about the wonderful new person in my life.

    Thanks again,

  5. Dear Amber,
    Yes I do have the your book. It was very informative and put together well. But it came at but I have it now me and my girlfriend is not together any more, but it amicable. For now on I’m going to be with only transexual women. My relation was much better than the GG I use to be with that cheated on me every chance the had. I met have by chance, and now I want to try to meet other Transexual women, but don’t know where in Philadelphia. Well any, thanks for your informative site.
    Thank you very much,

  6. Love to meet you sometime. Do u cum to Philly ever? Maybe I can cum to NYC. Cant wait to hear from you!Peter

  7. I have gone through your website and can say that it is spot on. I have had some success in dating TS girls myself and I can contest that it is no different than getting to know anyone in life. Always treat everyone with care and respect. For me it helped to go online and find TS events held at clubs after that it’s just like going to any other club, have a few drinks, dance and have fun.

    I hope you keep up with your site, this type of thing is very helpful for anyone who has questions about TS girls and how to meet them.

    Happy New Year’s to you.

  8. Hi Amber Lynn

    I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and it continues for the rest of the year! I read your guide and the interview that you gave for caramel.tgirls. Both were very informative and look forward to putting everything I learned to good use. Thank you for everything that you do.


  9. Hi James, Thank you sweetie! I’m sorry, I wouldn’t be able to answer the question about mobile phone access to my T-Girl Dating Guide. Looks like you figured it out. Best of luck to you in your search.

    Amber Lynn

  10. Hi Duffy, you can get a password by joining my mailing list. Your username and password will be provided on the welcome message. I don’t send a lot of emails and never share your information, but you can leave the mailing list at any time.

  11. Hi Amber Lynn

    Just figured out how to access your guide on my phone. Wasn’t easy but should be well worth it.

    Thank you

  12. Hi Amber Lynn
    Wanted to say you look beautiful. I just subscribed to your site and I can’t access your guide to tgirl dating. My internet is my phone so I’m kind of limited. Can you help me out as I would love to read it?

    Thank you very much

  13. Hi Amber,
    I am your regular visitor of your site and i see your pic an photo every. i really fall in love with you and want to marry you.

  14. I’m dating a beautiful pre-op transwoman…thanks for the guide because it seems like I have a steep learning curve 🙂

    PS and thanks for following us on tumblr…

  15. hi amber i cant seem to open or download your tgirl dating guide well when i did down load the words came up but i could not understad them this is what it look like PDF-1.3
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    °×òWÀ«¹ûú…ï_ÿÕAÿâû ޽ ŒüKž-~5÷ßì80ôÆõ»ß:­b ~‚zœ¢~7w?㤕A@
    can you help me out

  16. Hello amber. I just received your email about if I received you dating guide. Sadly my computer is down and I am having to do this on my phone and I can’t view it on my phone 🙁 I will however be getting a new phone in the next few days that may let me view it. I am sooooo excited to read it and hopefully start dating a beautiful t-girl so. I am going to be moving to palm springs within the next year or so to make my search for a beautiful t-girl easier. If you could email me a few tips untill I am able to view the guide that would be great. I live in south dakota and I don’t think there are any t-girls here lol.

    P.S. You are amazingly beautiful.

    I hope to hear back from you.

  17. Amber you are so sexy omg yum
    wish. i lived. closer would ask you out i know how to treat a women
    i treat all. women with respect. great site .

  18. i would like to leave you my email address,for when i tell u my lovely comments i’d hope you will reply back to me.1st let me say thank you for your guidiness,and support for me.i have alil problem though,i was born a girl in body changed into boy at birth now,trying to get back to whom i am.also,men scare the crap out of me due to the r word,that no woman wants to talk about and have fear of men touching me,so i’m looking into tgirls,for relationship[s]and more.what u learned,i want to also ,desperate in burlington,vermont.from burlingtonshygrl.thank you amberlynn. bye.

  19. I have yet to have my first date with a t-girl, but much of what you have advised in your guide makes perfect sense. In fact it matches much of what I allready thought about in my future relationships. Thank you for your thoughtful advice. Can you add any more for men who are a little older than twenty or so. In fact I am over fifty, but my body is more akin to a forty year old. Thank you so much for your insights. I have been educated.

  20. I have dated a Tgirl it was one of the best dates i ever had she looked gorgeous i could not keep my eyes off of her i still see her but only as a friend i wish it was more. I love Tgirls please help me find me a Tgirl

  21. Hi Amber Lynn
    thanks for the messages you sent me regards downloading.
    I just wanted to say a little about myself. I am a male but i wish i was a girl. I do like cross dressing and i like to think i look good when dressed. I would love to meet a T-Girl who is as attractive as you are (I think you are stunning) but i have never done this before but I am excited. Even though I like to dress up would a T-Girl still be interested in someone like me? I hope they would be as I would love to meet a T-Girl and i promise I would not disappoint any one. Keep up the good work.
    Love and best wishes
    Raquel xx
    PS I have tried to contact you but the captcha is not working for me x

  22. Hi Amber,
    I am your regular visitor of your site and i see your pic an photo every. i really fall in love with you and want yo merry you.

  23. hi im new to the site can u find me a nice shemale in manchester who would like to pleasure me as im good looking with athletic body and a very nice person

  24. My name is Kay and I’m a Tg living in florence, Ky.
    I think what i’m looking for is not so much dating others for a relationship but more in a since of meeting other girls for friendship and company so i don’t feel so much alone. Most I’ve met online on some of these sites are posers and saying they are one thing but turn into another.
    i’ve talked with some other women on my job or jobs but nothing becomes of it. Mostly attached with someone controling at home. I’m not looking for sex or hook ups but someone to have some a nice night or lunch date with a friend.
    I don’t know, maybe i’m just venting here but what is your insight?

  25. Hi Amber, I luv your new Pics. You R Awesome. No matter what color your hair is. You still look good 2 me.

  26. Amber Lynn,
    And guys out here my honest to goodness profile attached below, please read Amber’s Dating Guide and you guy’s will know how to treat a lady.

    I am looking for someone that is mentally and physical attracted to me. It would be a great help if she respond in the same manner as I feel equally attracted to her. My T-Girl must have the willingness to love me for who I am, and have the wisdom to take things slow for now. I am an “Admirer” of beautiful T-Girls, but with no means to support our serious relationship at this time in my life. However, I am working very diligently to carry the weight for our connection! I will always respect the code of etiquette in our relationship with love, loyalty, care, and with a strong sense for communication that has compassion, while having just a little fun at the same times. I am looking for friendship first of all and then may be a long-term realationship with the right “Lady”of my dreams.
    I am very discrete and a romanic person in public settings, because I strongly agree that all women should be treated with the high respect such as the good life. Like the ladies that they are within the relationship as well as outside of it! Now, a so-called friend, and I were both in our work place when a beautiful Non-op enter the office. She had so many packages to pick-up and leave with from our office. So, I asked if it would be okay and helpful if I could carry some of her items; but she said no with a drop of sweet tear in her eye. Then I asked if she want to use our dolly to lessen her load, she has to traval along distant. Meanwhile, this so-called “F” said that’s not a “Lady”, and boy did I gave him the business and the Law of our duty toward how men should always treat ladies, and all human beings… More importantly; she welcome my final attempt to help her on her way with a loving smile. Now she always asked for me to help if I in the office, but I am no longer an employee with that firm.
    Whenever, I feel displaced my time is spent in places such as shown in my profile photos.
    As a result, I am still looking for someone to live within my solitary heart. PS: please all of my photos that I have of me are very private and discrete so, please do not ask for them until we have chatted for some time, or met each other more then once in a public place, and we are becoming true friends. Thanks ladies for reading my profile. I truly wish the best love for all “Women” in your search for that genuine person until then kisses, live in peace, and have sweet beautiful peaceful dreams

  27. Hi Amber, I’de really like some help finding someone to talk to about gender issues, i am from the brisbane aera. Any help would be most appreciated!!

  28. Hi Amber, ive dated a couple of nice t-girls and all they want from me is sex especialy when they drink and then there attitude changes, what shall i do without offending her as i really love hr.

  29. HI Amber we r new to your site we r a couple and just looking for a special girl we just not sure where to look

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