Day at the Office

A Tranny Day at the Office

This was an impromptu photo session that started when my friend began snapping pictures while I was getting ready for my day at the office.

Please check back .  I’ll be adding more photos soon!

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Comments ( 18 )

  1. raman
    Lovely pics
  2. Robert Smith
    Gorgeous photos beautiful Amber.
  3. wesley adair
    love your pictures amber you look so pretty as you always do thanks again for being my friend take care you lovely girl
  4. Katy
    I love the outfit and you look divine! We seem to have similar tastes in clothes(? - I already have trousers just like those). I also love the way that you create curves with the belt.
  5. jerome
    very sexy
  6. Chris Ford
    Seriously, you make my heart pound hard and fast while making the pole down-under stand at attention!!!!!!
  7. Patrick
    You are always so cute and beautiful. Very nice pictures me darlin'!
  8. Shaven boy
    Hi you look so sexy can't wait to more of you xx
  9. les
    i wish you were my secretary i would get much work done xx
  10. Antonio
    Absolutely gorgeous!! Excellent advice in your guide, thx!!
  11. Dave aka BigDF
    Interesting combination of photos. I liked the first one the most, where you have that little grin on your face.
  12. Wendygrrl
    Lovely pixs, dear...
  13. Paul
    Gorgeous, wish there were girls as hot as you working in my office babe!
  14. Dave
    Amber you look Stunning and Gorgeous i would love to work for you
  15. AuthorAmber
    Got my ink pen out and rolling up my sleeves ;)
  16. Dan
    I have a LOT of paperwok to be done. Care to help? It WILL be an amusing time afterwards.
  17. John
    Great pictures
  18. john adms