Hottie on a Harley

Hot T-Girl on a Harley

This set of photos was taken on my friend’s Harley Davidson motorcycle. I love to ride! I did a video on the Harley also so you watch for it on my Youtube channel.

Please check back .  I’ll be adding more photos soon!

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Comments ( 26 )

  1. Mark
    Awesome photo's but the bike brand ...Mmmm..change to TRIUMPH
  2. Donnie
    so hot
  3. Rico Parker
    You are GORGEOUS Amber. The bike it's ok.
  4. Brett Williams
    Great girl, great bike. The perfect duo. Can't wait to see more!
  5. xXThunderXx
    Outstandingly Hot, and O'so sexy :)
  6. Andre
    Wow girl, I suddenly have no interest in the bike, at all. It has been few times I come to check your shots. As a professional photographer, I must say ... you Rock.
  7. paulacxxprincess
    Omg soooo stunning...very attractive. Xxxxx
  8. Dotman
    wow beauty
  9. chris johnson
    I think u are gorgeous. I see ur pics and want more. Would love just one nude pic
  10. Keith
    Amber I have always loved Harley Davidson, but seeing you on that Harley I almost forgot it was a Harley you was on. I think bike looks good, but WOW you look great no matter what you are on.
  11. jameson bell
    Gorgeous photographs, you make one hot and sexy biker chick.
  12. willem
    U are stunning
  13. willem
    Hi AMBER, I am a full blooded cross dresser since a very early age and I like the feeling and sensation of pure silk against my body, my favourite colours are red, black white and pink.
  14. Abdul
    How do I sign up to your emails.
  15. Mike Thomas
    looking cool as a biker chick!!! You can ride on my bike anytime xx:
  16. IceMan
    Absolutely stunning! You are hott A/F!!
  17. Glenn
    Prefer sports bikes and you would like great on both..
  18. Rick
    Now that's one lucky Harley!
  19. sid
    hot very hot
  20. AuthorAmber
    Absolutely -- gotta protect my head! :) Thank you sweetie! :)
  21. Teresa Bowers
    Very, very sexy. Tell me you wear a helmet when you ride!
  22. Wendygrrl
    Lovely pixs...
  23. Jesse Lalonde
    you are very sexy I would love to meet you 1 day
  24. Caramel
    Great photos, Amber! Did you happen to catch Sons of Anarchy last night? I've been trying to reach you. Shoot me an email at your earliest convenience. Hugs, Cara
  25. Richard
    You look hot on the harley wish you were on my harley wow
  26. michael
    Like the bike