Transsexual in Black Lingerie Photos


Here I am feeling a little naughty in my black lingerie, fishnet patterned hosiery and opaque stockings. I love the ultra feminine feeling when I’m wearing slinky lingerie or nighties. Half the fun is taking it all off!

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  1. Sam
    Your as sexy as they get
  2. Shaz
    You are just so gorgeous n so sexy in a very nice way!!!
  3. nastymichael
    I love everyone of your photos
  4. tanya glad
    so sexy girl you show em girl
  5. Robert Smith
    Ever so beautiful in every way. I so enjoy reading your messages and seeing your gorgeous photos.
  6. FranSierra67
    Hello Amber you are fantastic in all your pics of lingerie, I like and enjoy it very much.
  7. Patrick Jaccoud
    You are very wonderful and sexy!
  8. Dwayne Brittain
    You look so beautiful ! Love your eye's ! And the gown you have on is adorible !
  9. wesley adair
    i really love the way you look in your black lingerie omg amber your eyes are so wanting so pretty you look so sexy take care pretty girl
  10. wesley adair
    amber have a nice day bye now
  11. wesley adair
    i think your pictures are so lovely
  12. Geary B.
    Super Sexy.
  13. Mike Leehan
    Very hot. And SEXY
  14. Mark
    I think I'm in love!
  15. Brian
    take you out on a date and make love when were ready
  16. taylor
    wow, i just love seeing sexy lingerie, i wanna go put some on now
  17. Pedro R
    hermosa mi amor!
  18. Gino
    Hello Amber, Just wanted to say love I this photo set you look very sexy in black lingerie :)
  19. jameson bell
    Amber Lynn you are the perfect girlfriend, intelligent, beautiful and sexy any man would be proud to call you girlfriend, lover and friend. I love the photos and videos. I hope you can keep making
  20. Jim Bennett
    More than half if someone does it for you, with his teeth, no hands allowed!
  21. Robyn Love
    Very, very sexy! You look great in black and your smoldering look, so tantalizing!
  22. DocSmoothieCA
    The look in your eyes says it all ... smoldering, sensual, molten hot ... The epitome of hot!!!
  23. Edgar M. van Wngerden
    Thanks for sharing with us. Absolutely hot in black.....
  24. Billaw
    Hoooooooooooooooooooooo my god hummmmmmmmmm
  25. Julez S Morbius
    Extremely beautiful
  26. mike
    you very sexy
  27. hibihi
    Images are very warm and sweeter thing I saw pictures of your body and femininity very pleasant
  28. laurie
    U surely look stunning
  29. Jeffery Franklin
    you look beautiful and sexy wish I was with you so we could make love
  30. tanya
    Very, beautiful....:)
  31. graham rose
    thank you for accepting me,this is all new to me,but i do know i love the feel of womens clothing,
  32. Peter
    As per my previous post, I came across you when in fact I was using google image search. Don't need to search for photos of you as there's a bunch of top notch sets readily available here
  33. Peter
    Instead of finding what I was looking for I found u on the net amber :) very nice photo set I must say. Back to searching
  34. Joseph
    Incredibly sexy. Thank you for your videos on YouTube. I Feel less awkward about my attraction to T-Girls. Please keep up the good work.
  35. Jim H.
    lovely, sexy, erotic, lush and just basically wonderful xxx Jim
  36. John
    Hottest TS I ever saw. !!!
  37. ace
    I love a lady in silk!!!! You sure fit the bill honey!!!!! Priceless!!!!!!