Any tranny girl looks great in black and purple lingerie! I love this color combination. This is a photo set showing off my latest nighties. I’m also wearing black stockings and fishnet pantyhose. A t-girl has to love the sexy, feminine feeling of wearing sexy undergarments. Sometimes I wear them under my regular clothes, especially when I’m about to seduce my lover!

Comments ( 47 )

  1. Dave
    I think you look freaking awesome in the black and purple mix. Keep it going baby ????
  2. flawoody
    You look very sexy Amber :)
  3. chris johnson
    If i could date any tgirl in the world amber. I want you. You are my dream girl. Beautiful?sexy,with a body to die for.
  4. Dean Good
    Absolutely Breathtaking Beautiful Woman
  5. jamneep955
    saw one comment so lady like you are a true woman now and forever
  6. Jack
    Just saying hi, and your one sexy gurl, don't you just love it when u look and feel all sexy ,and look so hot, your a hottie
  7. Chris
    You look stunning in these pics
  8. Bill
    Damn so saexy
  9. Jana Lynn
    You are so sexy I just want to see more of you.
  10. smallfry61962
    Beautiful gorgeous and sexy to the max
  11. Robert Wren
    This IS your best pic, of ALL your pics! VERY Fem! In all of the other pics your eyebrows seem to dive down too much above your nose.. If you'd straighten the line on your brows, all your pics would look this great! Love ya, just friendly true advise.. The brows got to go, they make you look mad/evil...
  12. Dave newman
    You look mahvelous wish I could meet you someday
  13. Patrick Jaccoud
    Very sexy pictures
  14. Paul Stephens
    stunning x
  15. mr. right
    Soo Sexy!
  16. wesley adair
    amber i really like you in that purple lingerie you look so gorgeous so lovely so beautiful you make me heart beat so fast when i see you in your lingerie i only have one question for you why are you so beautiful so sexy looking how did you become so pretty bye sweet girl for now and take care
  17. neil jensen
    Well Amber all I can say is that I'm in love honey.
  18. christian
    Love the pics there amazing
  19. christian
    Love the photos they make me very horny
  20. Mike Leehan
    Very hot and sexy.
  21. Mike Leehan
    Outstanding very sexy.
  22. Michael
    Very sexy
  23. jameson bell
    Amber Lynn the reward for love is the experience of loving. I love the photographs and really love you. You really are a super
  24. needatgirl
    LOVE! So SEXY and seductive!
  25. TrannyLives
    Curvy photo shoot!
  26. Hawk
    I'm straight but I no what hot is you are hot
  27. Julian
    You can seduce me any time. Simply beautifull.
  28. Bill Hoke
    WOW If it was only me you were dressing to seduce.
  29. Buffy Diane
    Truly a WOW moment. You are so hot in this outfit. I would be on my knees begging for your attention.
  30. Benjamin Dover
    Mmmmmm..... Would love me some of that... ;o)
  31. Glenn
    One word... HOT!!!!
  32. forrealthough1
    Oh my, you are so "easy on the eyes". Stunning and adorable at the same time.
  33. Tell Childs
    Hay Amber Lynn You good looking in purple. xoxoxo Tell Childs
  34. Romeo_OhYeah
    ur eyes are DAAAAMN :D and The Lingerie and The Latex and The Stockings OMG
  35. richard hardy
    Purple has always been my favorite color- But even more so now.....STUNNING
  36. Billaw
    So dangerous hummmmmmmmmmmm
  37. Andre Plessis
    LOVELY DEAR!!!!!
  38. jeffery
    you look lovely and sexy wish you were me right now so we could have fun sweet Love
  39. Mosh
    Looks like a good photo shoot. :)
  40. Tim
    Oh yeah you look great and sexy in this lingerie like to try something from my website?;-)
  41. Julez S Morbius
    You look amazing in that lingerie, it really suits you
  42. John
    Great would love to see you in that standing
  43. mark
    love the purple so much love the leggings very sexy you know why guys love you girls we love you
  44. Ken
    You should just live in that. It's perfect.
  45. John
    Great pix very HOT. ! ! !
  46. dannie day
  47. Aldore Cindy
    You look wonderfull. Hope having a gf like you :)