Princess Bed

T-Girl on a Princess Bed

These photos were taken during a slumber party with my girlfriend Gloria L. We had a great time talking and watching movies on Netflix. We managed to take a few pictures also.

Please check back .  I’ll be adding more photos soon!

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Comments ( 13 )

  1. Dave
    Very sexy pics
  2. hue
    FYI why dont you smile more in your photos .your a very sexy , beautiful woman with a beautiful smile .show it off more ,ok ? lol thanx hue
  3. hue
    Hello, Ms Lynn. i admire you and what you stand for . im a straight guy .who is attracted to transexuals . i have dated a couple times had a great time . but am uncomfortable going to gay bars . its not the people it just me ive always been shy and a homebody. .anyway /thats why i need this book . because i know ill do much better with it than with out it
  4. alisha
    Good one
  5. alisha
    Nice :)
  6. jameson bell
    You are the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever known.
  7. Patrick Manning
    So incredibally stunning ! You are a gorgeous woman me darlin' girl
  8. patrick
    I would eat u up!!
  9. bo
    Very Sexie. I would love to c more of u
  10. Rodrigo
    you are so gorgeous, sexy and hot. kisses
  11. Billaw
    Hi my dear i m Billaw from xhamster love you my litle angel you r so sweet hummmmmm. Big kissssssssssssssss where you want my love.
  12. jeffery
    you look like a doll nice and sweet
  13. Elisabeth Blackwood
    Hi Amber, your web page is really great. I didn't know that many t-girls live in Bryan/College Station. Although I am little old than their. I think that the more difficult thing that we have (for me) is the find a job as a T-girl. At least I still don't know how to do that. I will love to enjoy my T-girl live forever, everyday, every time including in a good job (at least as a volunteer, in the beginning)