Halloween Costume

Transsexual Halloween Costume

Here are pics of my Halloween costume. I love dressing up and I absolutely love Halloween! There’s something a little edgy and kinky about Halloween, especially among my friends. Here are photos of my transsexual pirate wench costume.

Please check back .  I’ll be adding more photos soon!

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Comments ( 8 )

  1. Nate Cox
    I can only aspire to perceive that your personality is at least as lovely as your physical presentation!!
  2. Greg davis
    Omg im in love
  3. Jim Bennett
    Aaaaarrr, Me timber is shivered! Yo ho ho, would you look at her treasure chest!
  4. Stefano
    I absolutely LOVE your sense of dress :) nice poses n pics...absolutely gorgeous!!!
  5. Jesse Markes
  6. Edwin
    Amber your last photo is Hot!
  7. temy eastern
    u look awesome as always
  8. Robert Towne
    Fabulous costume...makes me wish i was a Coors Light Silver Bullet..hope you had a great time