Bedroom Set

T-Girl Bedroom Pics

The photos in this gallery were taken on my princess bed. I’m wearing black slacks and a maroon top with a plunging neckline. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Please check back .  I’ll be adding more photos soon!

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Comments ( 44 )

  1. Ed the pics....would love to see underneath them.....and 69 with you
  2. ele
    i swear you very sweet i wish take a month with you
  3. Erik Phillips
    Hi Amber. You are absolutely stunning,you take my breath away. please spread your angelic wings and come rescue me from Stone Mountain hell and bring me into your pearly gates of love.
  4. johnny66
    I love these looks and those shoes! Very elegantly done, and a very sexy model!
  5. FranSierra67
    Hello beauty a lovely photoset, black colour fits you very well.Thanks for being so wonderful
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  7. wesley adair
    amber you sexy girl you look beautiful in anything you wear but i like the black pants to i'm so very happy to some what know kind of know you really you touch my heart everytime i see your lovely pictures what a doll you are take care you pretty girl i can see your pretty toes there to bye now
  8. wesley adair
    wow! you are aways doing something nice amber i really like your bedroom pictures you are so beautiful amber your eyes are so pretty bye for now take pretty girl your friend wesley
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    Hey Amber, yr very Beautiful. I was wondering, IF I could mingle with you R other Tgirls in the Northeast section of the UNITED STATES. THANKS. LOVE YOU!!
  11. Simon
    You are beautiful. I know ive said it before, but I can't say it enough
  12. mike
    Thank you for all you do Girl Mike
  13. Artash Stepanyan
    it so beautiful I love it and I like to get fucked by you on that bed
  14. Estelle Lauder
    the captcha code won't work so here is what I'd wanted to write on the contact page: You're stunning, that's all I hear in my head when looking at your pictures. I'm transvestite Estelle Lauder (see facebook), still amature but doing great in public (sweet reactions by men and women) I'd like to get in touch with you if possible. I'm planning a trip to Miami perhaps your city if you'd like to meet and go out together. Sweet kisses, Estèlle
  15. Karen Shea
    Hi Amber I think you are most attractive and well spoken. I would love to date you but I live in Florida. Do you travel much? Warm regards, Karen
  16. marlo pointer
    I would love to cuddle up next to you Miss Amber Lynn
  17. taylor
    great shots, i love the pink bed spread and black sexy dress
  18. Dion
    You're amazing. Very beautiful and sensual.
  19. Keith
    Amber, you look great, you are very HOT.
  20. Fred
    Amber, you look amazing and very beautiful on your bedroom set, a guy would be so lucky to share it with you.
  21. Sharon Stones
    I see a lovely, sensuous biker babe here.
  22. Wendygrrl
    Lovely pix... thank you for sharing...
  23. Sharon Stones
    Love your pics Amber, tastefully done!
  24. Naresh Dhokia.
    Hi, Amber, I hope you are fine and well. I found the link to this photo-set, through, Twitter. I like your photos, great dress combination, for the choice of colors too, they suit you just great. You look so very, gorgeous, pretty, sexy and cute, INDEED!!! I am your, follower, on Twitter. Thank you so much for sharing the lovely pics, you are so very, cool!!! - Great stuff!! With lots of love and best wishes!! - Naresh Dhokia. X.
  25. Jorge
    You sure are very beautiful. Would like to know you better :)
  26. Glenn
    Very nice... xx
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    Amber, this photo set is "VERY ENTICING & SEXY WITHOUT BEING DIRTY"...Best Wishes My Friend.
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    Hi, where can I meet TS in south africa? Thanks!
  31. duffy
    Very nice photos Amber!
  32. AuthorAmber
    Kisses to you Anthony ;)
  33. anthony
  34. Dr. James J
    absolutely lovely set, Amber.. you know how to melt my heart ... James
  35. Jesse Markes
    cute amber
  36. David
  37. Jorge A. Mussuto (@jmussuto)
    Amber baby what you have got here it’s gold love your ideas and your knowledge. I would love to join up with your site. thank you for being so glamorous, see you more later:)
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    you look beautiful in this set :)
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