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My girlfriend Latricia is a professional photographer.  Sometimes she invites me over to her studio for fun photo sessions.  I can’t show all my photos here but subscribe to my newsletter (coming soon), verify that you’re over age 18 and I’ll share some of my intimate pictures with you.

My Photos

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Comments ( 49 )

  1. John
    I love it
  2. Cody
  3. SweaterTV
    Lovely pics.....would love to see some of you in a nice thick turtleneck sweater.....
  4. Charles
    I just wish it was easier to get a date without all the bs
  5. RscottW
    Jesus Christ it must get very old readin all those dudes sayin pretty much, all the same things! I mean,I almost fell in love w/ ya da 1st time I laid eyes on ya when ya hooked up your guide for me my phone wouldn't support,but I knew you're attractive enough to be so informed by many others & it really depressed me, but had absolutely it'd be that many! If I were u, I'd be so fuckin vain, not even half the beautiful words you told'd ever cross my mind! I bet your ego's so incomparable to anybody's! What part of USA holds such a knockout, to put things politely? Oh ya, it's Scott W in Ark!
  6. neil fraser ellis
    Hi amber butifull photos of you if i was yunger and lived over the ide cort you if you were single and despert to go with someone like me my nethue has just put me back on facebook i would like to frend you if i could but i havent worked that out yet hope to hear from you with antisipatin neil
  7. Steve
    Great photos - you're stunning and the camera loves you!
  8. alton
    I love you can you help me ment someone alton
  9. sara
    hi sweety I can not express what i see ... the beauty, humor, a human of deep feeling feminine ,, You .. you ....are end of the words , letters, and fade lines before I can write about you You are my heart because you take my hand to the safe side value by your directions for a better life ... You are beautiful....kiss
  10. forman
    post ur back side pics
  11. a
    i love sex women and loke the momes
  12. saki queen
    you are my one of the inspired t-girl amber
  13. John
    Your very beautifull:) email me!
  14. Dani
    Beautiful beyond comprehension.
  15. Schayne
    OMG U R hott
  16. Abdol262
    This is beautiful nd you re charming. Muah! I Love u
  17. Jordan818
    Wats gud im jordan,puerto rican nd black,um im mature um im 21,i love going to college,i like textin so hit me up for my #!
  18. Aloh frank
    Your pixs are excellent please I NEED your mail
  19. Aloh frank
    Dear Amber: you look so sweet; I really appreciate your pix
  20. Joe Dudek
    your a beautiful lady and a beautiful and sexy modle. Thank you for the photos they are great.
  21. Jeffery Franklin
    it is beautiful like you are sweetheart
  22. David
    You Are A Beautiful Woman
  23. ray
    hi Amber im new here and i was looking at your pics!!! you are very good looking and very pretty i have to say i have a lot of favorite pics!!!! thank you
  24. Andreas
    Love ur photos
  25. Josh
    You Are A Beautiful Transexual Woman
  26. Daniel Gacinjuka
    Lovely and wonderful pics. Thank you very much.
  27. viprofferi
    Stunning beauty. You are an absolutely gorgeous girl. What a catch. Wish you would be mine.
  28. Richard
    Hi! Amber I am an admirer. Great website and photos would love to hear from you. Keep up the good work xxx
  29. naveen roshan pereira
    you look so gorgious,dear.i like it,sweet heart.
  30. safi
    i like this style so much i would love to spend all my time under ur feet :-))
  31. AuthorAmber
    Thank you sweetie!
  32. Jim H.
    sweetheart- you are drop-dead gorgeous nice going with this website-I love it
  33. Sarah Russell
    you are a beautiful woman!!!
  34. PullMe17
    Dear Amber, You were right I am a "Admirer" of all beautiful T-Girl's and if any man won't treat T-Girl's like the "Ladies" they are at their lost. Your "T-Girl Dating Guide" has open doors for me to fine that loving connection with the T-Girl of my dreams. All ladies want men to be sincere at all times, I will send you a copy of my profile one day soon. PS Thank you dearly AMBER,
  35. Anthony
    Hi amber please mail me! Would love more pics of you! You are hott baby!! Thank you from anthony!
  36. Rockin Robin
    You look great, wish I was your age. But then I wish for allot of things mostly just for Happiness. Thanks for Sharing, You go Girl : )
  37. faroukmagaji
    Hi Amber! u are so beautiful, hw i wish i can have babe like u. u are absolutely gorgeous,pls post your photo.
  38. Studentmoa
    Amber, what can i Say? but, your truely a gravasious sexc and fine. So when aqe we geting together to have that photo shoot done together.
  39. Edwin
    Hi Amber, You are sooo stunning!
  40. lewis
    i would love to seen more you are a very beautiful girl xx
  41. tommy
    hi please mail me
  42. Mr H Frin
    Funny you look just like Karla from Watford, strange that.
  43. karla cox
    im seeking legal advice
  44. ralph
    Absolutely gorgeous!
  45. AuthorAmber
    Hugs & Kisses for you sweetie ;) Thank you for making me smile. ~ Amber Lynn
  46. Aime shemale
    I LOVE..........u
  47. AuthorAmber
    Thank you hunny ;)
  48. Erik
    Lovely photo! ;-)
  49. levy
    ist beaufitul girl