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Transgender dating advice can be hard to come by — at least from reliable sources. We bring the collective experience of transgender women, a trans dating coach, a trans admirer and a cross-dressing computer programmer. Together, we provide the tips and information to help you get the most out of your trans dating experience. We’ll help you overcome transgender dating apprehension. It isn’t difficult, but there are some things you should know. Otherwise, you risk outright rejection and you may not even realize why. All that is about to change!

Transgender dating advice and tips for trans women and admirers!

Most men seem to learn about transgender women through porn. Now, we don’t have anything against porn and we certainly don’t have anything against sex, but porn is not the best place to learn how to treat a trans woman. Indeed, many well-intentioned men get flatly rejected by transgender women because of the things they don’t know or simply for using the wrong terminology. We’re going to give you some simple trans dating advice and tips to fix all that.

Transgender dating advice for trans women and admirers! 

We provide transgender dating advice for both trans women and their admirers, however, we focus primarily on tips for male admirers. Our first bit of dating advice for trans women is that you are special. You are highly sought in dating circles. Any trans woman who has placed a dating ad with a decent photo knows she will be inundated with responses from admirers of all types — men, women and other trans people.

Trans women are available in a very limited supply and will have their pick among a vastly larger pool of admirers.

Well then, it may stand to reason that our first bit of dating advice for transgender admirers is trans women and special, in limited supply and will face a lot of competition from other respondents. What’s a guy to do? Don’t worry. We’re going to show you where 90%+ of all admirers go wrong and shoot themselves in the foot before they ever have a chance to meet a gorgeous transgender woman. By learning our transgender dating tips and slightly refining your approach to trans women, you will greatly improve your odds of success!

Transgender dating isn’t rocket science.
It’s about understanding trans women.

How do I meet transgender women?

Do you find your efforts are often misunderstood by the T-Girls you contact? Perhaps you joined a transgender dating site but can’t get a reply. No need to worry. I have a unique understanding of what makes t-girls and their admirers tick. Often, it is just a matter of semantics or fine-tuning the approach that will make the difference with your transgender romantic efforts.

Not only are we going to give you the knowledge you need, but we’re also going to give you 100% free access to live transgender chat and dating profiles where you can mingle with trans women and other admirers while you learn the lingo and gain a comfort level. It’s a fun way to learn and be ready when your transgender girlfriend comes along!

How do I meet transgender admirers?

Many transgender women are seeking admirers for fun, friendship, casual encounters or long-term relationships. Among the admirers are men, women and other transgender people. There really is somebody for everyone. There are a variety of ways to meet transgender women and admirers both online and in most medium to larger cities. We are going to provide you with the resources to start meeting transgender admirers and other transgender people right away in our live trans chat rooms and in the dating profiles.

Learn to be the guy every trans woman wants!

Do you want to be the guy every trans woman wants to be with? You can be the man that trans women are attracted to. Make transgender friends easily and enjoy trans companionship, sex or even long-term love. We’re here to help you succeed even if you’ve failed before. We can help you overcome the mountain of competition. In reality, it’s not a steep slope as most of the male trans admirers are superficial. Not you!

Transgender dating comes down to supply and demand. There are many more admirers than trans women. By learning a bit about the lingo and becoming comfortable chatting with transgender women online, you can quickly hone your skills for transgender dating success.

Transgender Dating Steps for Success

  1. Read Amber Lynn’s Transgender Dating Guide (free PDF)
  2. Identify what you want and what type of transgender woman you desire
  3. Join our live transgender chat rooms for live chat, private messages, forums and search for local trans friends.
  4. Search the dating profiles for local trans friends or lovers.
  5. Search local transgender-friendly nightclubs and bars and go interact in person.

Transgender Dating Coach on Facebook

Click Here if you'd like to visit T-Girl Amber Lynns Facebook PageIntroducing Amber Lynn, our very own transgender dating coach.  Amber Lynn had observed the awkwardness of some men and had personally experienced unsatisfactory interactions with trans admirers. So, she set out to help by becoming a transgender dating coach. She wrote a transgender dating guide which she shares here absolutely free. This is a great way to learn some of the lingo and dos and don’ts of transgender dating.  Check out Amber Lynns’s Facebook page where she posts helpful news and tips.

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Transgender Girlfriends Chat & Social Network

Join thousands of transgender community members and friends. Browse profiles, look through photos and join the live chat. Transgender chat and social networking is a great way to explore your place in the transgender community. Come join us in a safe, welcoming environment and meet new friends! We have chat rooms designed specifically for the transgender community and trans support rooms so you can join us for a comfortable chat experience among people who understand you.

Transgender Chat for Male Admirers to Meet Trans Women

TGGirlfriends has been working with over the past year to develop our own transgender chat rooms where trans women and admirers can meet to socialize in a fun, friendly environment. Sign up for a free membership and join the transgender conversations to get to know everyone. We have some great members who will be happy to chat with you. Click here to sign in or join transgender chat – it’s always free!

Transgender chat rooms for trans women and admirers at!

Amber Lynn’s Transgender Photos

Amber Lynn enjoys modeling and has provided many photos for your enjoyment. Click here for a listing of Amber Lynn’s photo gallery sets.

Free Trans Dating Guide (PDF)

My popular Trans Dating Guide (Second Edition) is near completion of revisions. I originally wrote the Trans Dating Guide over 10 years ago. So much has changed since then. Be sure to check back soon for my free release. There is no charge. I just want to help trans women and their admirers achieve success in dating and romance.

Download my free t-girl dating guide!The Trans Dating Guide (First Edition) is currently available in PDF for download or online reading. Click the image or link to view. In the dating guide I share my insight as a trans woman who has dated a lot of men, a couple of women, and several trans women.

I welcome your comments. In fact, it was reader comments and questions that helped me develop the second edition. You can post a message in comments on this site or visit me on my social media pages.

xoxo Amber Lynn


Meet More Local Trans Friends!

Take the time to spoil yourself. You deserve a break from the everyday grind just as much as anyone else. Find some new friends, chat with new people and maybe find a love interest.

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  1. Amber, I read your T-Girl Dating Guide years ago and it has made a wonderful difference! After years of enjoyable dates I finally met the love of my life. Linda and I were married in October, and I thank you for getting me started!

  2. I’m in my late 40’s, love to crossdress. I’m looking for company, conversation, and maybe more!!
    Where do I even begin?

  3. I have utmost respect for transgender women and all trans people. I always wanted to date and marry a transgender woman myself.

  4. I have never been with a transgender woman but think about it all the time and it drives me crazy. I want to try it. I’ll try your trans dating site.

  5. I was fortunate to meet a beautiful transsexual and I had the best time ever. I will continue to get to know more T-girls. Thanks Amber!

  6. I’m 39, a part-time crossdresser. Would like to meet some transgender women near me. I want meet trans friends and maybe date someone.

  7. Would love to meet a transsexual beauty! Will one of you gorgeous women contact me so I may enjoy time with you!

  8. I am a butch dyke in San Francisco seeking a sexual encounter with a Pre-Op Transwoman or a gay/straight male with an open mind.

  9. Hi Amber Lynn! It is a very insightful site and I’m looking forward to getting the tgirl dating guide. I’m looking for a Trans girlfriend. I know it seems to be the latest fad for all the men in the world who just want to fuck a trans woman but I actually would love to date one seriously and experience new things. To buy her gifts, bring her places and spoil her rotten. For 25 years I’ve been fucking women. Anything possible in the world to do to a woman has been done over and over. I can’t even get off anymore. The funny thing is, as soon as I log on to a porn site and search transvestites, transgender my hand is already on my hard cock. I really need to find places in the Boston area where I can meet and search for my next true love. In the meantime, I could always hire them just a fuck. Practice makes perfect so if it takes a long time to find my special girl I’ll be able to make love to her. I will be forever in your debt. and who knows maybe you’re my future wife. lol. Thank you, Sincerely Tony D

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