Tranny in Black Spandex

I love the color black and I adore spandex. What a lovely combination! In this photo set I’m wearing black spandex leggings with 6″ high heels and a plunging top. I hope you like my photos!

Please check back .  I’ll be adding more photos soon!

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1 thought on “Black Spandex”

  1. Amber, I love your site. You are a smart, interesting, creative, courageous person. You have it all. I really like when transgender individuals remain ‘pre–op’. There is no need for a sex change to remove your penis and testicles. Leave them on. I personally am glad that you ‘have it all.’ It just makes you that much sexier. I personally would enjoy going down on you after enjoying all your female attributes–and giving you extra pleasure; I would swallow every drop. Plus I love giving anal sex to women.

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