Waterfall Photo Set

This photo set was taken at a friend’s house. I love her waterfall! It’s such a peaceful place. I was sitting there and my friend picked up her camera and started shooting pics. It was a laid back, impromptu photo session and I think it turned out great. I hope you enjoy the pics.

Please check back .  I’ll be adding more photos soon!

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Comments ( 6 )

  1. chris johnson
    miss amber you are my dream I would giv anything to have the honor to date you just once. my lord you are a goddess you need to be worsjipped from head to toe
  2. Glen Willard
    Wow you are hot !!!!!
  3. taylor
    being involved in the landscape trade, i love the waterfall
  4. H Douglass Brown
    Very peaceful, very serene. You are beautiful Amber. Douglass
  5. Mr, Shehroz khan
    you are good looking and our dress is good style and your hair style is good your eyes is good and so cute girls.........
  6. marc