Trans Bubble Bath (Full Set)

Here is my full bubble bath set. I hope you enjoy the photos.   xoxo ~ Amber Lynn

64 thoughts on “Bubble Bath (Full)”

  1. Dear Amber Lynn
    As a photographer I realize now I have been missing what is truly beautiful. You are stunning and the pixs are so tastefully erotic that it leaves us all wanting more…hope there will be some soon

  2. You are very beautiful and I hope your guide will answer all of my questions. I have only begun to question myself. I have been married and loved girls for along time until I saw my first pic of a shemale. I am now hooked.

  3. Dear Amber Lynn

    Those are the most classy and sexist photos I’ve ever seen. You the most beautiful tgirl in the world. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Amber you are a very beautiful lady. I would love to bathe you. Wash you back and all your other areas. Very sexy.

  5. Breathtaking! I would fight an army just to feel the warmth of your skin, and taste your lips, and if during the battle my time on earth ends, I would challenge the gods themselves to go back to your arms…

  6. Doll,

    You exude class, the very epitome of elegance and femininity.
    And you have eyes that men would go to war for.

    Thank you you for all you have done.


  7. Wow ambie you look soooooo cute!!!! Thanks for the hardon after those beautiful pictures 😀 😀

  8. I have to say I love picture number 27 and you are 10 times more beautiful than a regular woman. you=sexy. to the fullest.

  9. Dear Amber Lynn,
    You are Beautiful,wish I could be there to dry you.
    Thanks again for your great works with your media learning tools.
    Glad you can Help us.

  10. You are a incredible woman. With your words you’re a beautiful woman inside and out.I am looking to read more of your words of wisdom. Thank you for being intelligent, kind and insightful.

  11. You are gorgeous! I should be there to wash your back and lather you up real good! I imagine you can figure the rest out without another word from me! 😀

  12. Well i had a VERY enjoyable wank to these pictures 😉 I would love to see more of your private areas 😉 Keep putting up pictures Amber your beautiful 🙂

  13. One very beautiful foxy lady, with whom I would love to not only take a bubble bath with, but would dry you off, pamper you like you should be

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