Spiral Staircase

My tranny girlfriend Jennifer loaned me her glittery cocktail dress for a party. I love it! I’m not sure the photos do it justice but here is a set of pictures taken as I’m walking up a spiral staircase. I love the contrast between the black dress and my skin. It makes me feel like the sexiest T-Girl in the room!  : )

11 thoughts on “Spiral Staircase

  1. amber your pictures are very pretty you look so gorgeous in that black dress on the staircase i knew you were pretty but you looking like that in that sexy black dress wow you are so beautiful and i love the way your eyes look so cute i dont know what else to say to you because you are so gorgeous i know you have heard all of this before some guys telling you how pretty you are but i just like to tell you again if you dont mind that you are very beautiful so lovely to behold take care your friend wesley

  2. You look very good. Very sexy, Wish you were not so straight laced!.

  3. Very beautiful, wish I can find a girl like you around here in Boston

  4. You look stunning, beautiful eyes and amazing legs. Your gorgeous.

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