The Importance of Being Amber Lynn

Amber Lynn - Pre-Op TranssexualSo many people, both men and women, have often asked me what the difference is between all the terminology that gets used both by and for people like me. It’s a very odd situation to have to explain ones identity and how I feel about myself to people who cannot understand it. If you watched that interview with Bruce Jenner last week you will probably have some insight into how it feels to be a transgender person, but there is so much more to it than that! It’s very complex, I am very complex 😉

So, if you haven’t already downloaded the dating guide (see the right sidebar) you might not be all that savvy when it comes to how to treat TS girls like me. We are not one of the guys, but we can be even better than one of the guys.  The Bruce Jenner interview shed light on the inside experience that people like us are born with. We can’t identify with our inner self and our outside appearance. Put simply, imagine that you are in a hospital having your appendix out and when you wake up you have boobs but your appendix is still there. You’d be horrified, right? Well, when I was born I felt just like I had been waiting in line and been given the only body left and it was the wrong one. I hated my maleSad parts. I felt I had been short-changed and this was not what I signed up for.

When I was 6 I started dressing up in my sister’s clothes. She was 8 at the time and when she went out to play with her friends I would sneak into her room, take some of the dresses from her closet and run to my room.  I tried on the dress and it felt like I was home. It felt exactly how it should have been if I were born into the right body. I knew it from a very early age and as I grew up I also realized that it wasn’t the ‘done’ thing to dress up like a girl, even though it was how I felt. I had no one I could turn to and no one I could confide in.

In a nutshell, I identify as transsexual or transgender—TS or T-girl for short. This means that while I still have no yet had surgery—something I am definitely going to do in the future—I am still a woman in my mind and upper body.  I have had breast augmentation surgery—pretty sure you will like the results ;-)—and I have had hormone therapy.

It can mean that you get the best of both worlds, but I also like and expect to be treated like a proper lady. I want the doors opened for me. I want you to call me ‘Ma’am. I want you to place my coat on my shoulders and take me to dinner. I want you to respect me the way you respect all women. When we slow dance I want you to caress me gently. All these things are important to most women and I feel exactly the same. Please remember the importance of being Amber Lynn 😉

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